Benefits of Ceramics


1. Experimentation

Clay is a forgiving medium which allows one to explore their creativity without fear of failing. If a design isn’t going to plan the clay can easily be squished back into a lump and used again. The ability to think outside the box and explore ideas without pressure of having a perfect outcome is a skill that must be nurtured and taught in every workplace.


2. Sociability

While taking part in our group ceramic workshop your employees will be able to socialize confidently with each other. The casual atmosphere helps relax any social anxiety and encourages conversation which allows participants to feel comfortable collaborating and sharing ideas with their peers.


3. Focus

During the pottery process, outside influences don’t affect the work which allows one to shift their focus towards their creation. Being able to fully focus on a project helps the mind relax and improves efficiency. Learning how to shift and place focus on a specific task assists in all aspects of life.


4. Decreased Stress

In a study published in Art Therapy, researchers recruited 39 men and women aged 18-59 and measured their cortisol levels before and after 45-minutes of self-directed artistic activities, including modeling clay. The results revealed that cortisol levels decreased in 75% of participants after engaging in artistic production.