Paint Your Own

Each attendee gets to paint an item, such as a mug, from a selection of pieces ready to be glazed. Participants also work together to paint a large tile panel that will be mounted after firing so that it can be hung somewhere as a fun reminder of what the group was able to create as a team. This workshop is great if you have limited space or time.



Participants learn the three main hand-building techniques in order to form their very own mug from start to finish. They are taught unique decorating styles in order to achieve results they are excited about and have numerous underglazes to choose from in order to give their mug a colorful pop. Everyone will get a chance to talk about their mug and the inspiration behind it. It is so rewarding to see all the different styles and designs that come out of this workshops. Afterwards all pieces are fired and returned.



This is a fun crash course in all things pottery. Participants are shown the basics of throwing on the wheel as well as hand-building techniques. Everyone gets the opportunity to try out throw and is able to make a mug or bowl of their own using whichever technique they’d like. Attendees come out of this workshop feeling challenged and inspired. Afterwards all pieces are fired and returned. There are additional requirements to be aware of for this workshop, such as electrical outlets for the pottery wheels.